Warrior Freestanding Folding Weight Rack

The Warrior Strength Folding Weight Rack easily transforms any garage, home, or small commercial space into a multi-functioning home gym while sacrificing just 4"of space when not in use.  The Warrior Folding Weight Rack is a free-standing power rack with folding arms that can be folded inward or outward for space savings, yet still offer the sturdiness of a standard weight rack.

This Folding Rack uses a hinge-and-pin system that is both easy to install and very solid.  The Folding Rack functions as a power rack weightlifting rack, squat rack, squat stand, power cage and pull up/chin up station for weightlifting, powerlifting, cross training and more.   The locking pins included with the Warrior Folding Rack conveniently lock the rack into either the open position (ready to use) or closed position (folded flat).

The folding rack arms have wheels for ease of use (opening or closing). When folded away, the weight rack takes up less than 4" of space in your home gym, fitness studio, garage gym or office gym.You can have a top-quality power rack in your garage without having to empty out your gym space.

Maximize your space with our efficient folding weight racks to ensure maximum space savings!

Accessories  included.


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