Warrior Wall Mounted Functional Trainer

The Warrior Strength Wall Mounted Functional Trainer Pulley System is the most versatile piece of equipment for your family's home gym. It easily adjusts for anyone in your household, whether young or old, short or tall.

Your training possibilities are unlimited with the dual 200 lb. weight stacks, quick adjust pulleys with 19 settings spaced at 3.5" each and easily interchangeable accessories.

Two dual cable pulley systems and 17 adjustable positions and variable rotation angles per side gives the option of a variety of cable exercises.

The double bar track provides stability and allows the plate loaded carriage system to glide smoothly along the tracks, supplying the perfect amount of resistance for exercises performed.

The Warrior Wall-Mounted Functional Trainer provides the opportunity to incorporate strength training with the use of a cable system into a home or commercial gym.

Accessories include a pair of 8" hand straps, a pair of 17" long strap handles, a 23" tricep rope, a short bar and a 42" long bar, leg extension leg curl strap and an ankle strap and workout poster. Max weight 400lbs.

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