Warrior 1.0 Elite Squat Rack

The Warrior 1.0 Squat Rack functions as a weight rack, squat stand, half rack, pull-up rig, and power rack – all essential weightlifting racks!

The Warrior 1.0 Deluxe Squat Rack is strength training equipment designed for prime weightlifting barbell exercises like squats, bench press, overhead press and deadlifts.

This heavy-duty deluxe power rack is fabricated from commercial 11-gauge steel for maximum strength and stability during heavy barbell workouts. J-hooks lift up and out for easy height adjustment with no pins to break or lose.

Enhance your pull ups, squats, and deadlifts with the Power Squat Rack. This is an all-inclusive deluxe squat rack for those who desire the safety and functionality of a lifting cage while incorporating additional features that allow the unit to be used as a body weight station or as a resistance training half rack.

Perfect to use for weightlifting, the included bar catches can be used to assist while performing squats, dead lifts, curls and more. The reinforced overhead workout bar can be used for body weight training. Use the upper workout bar as an anchor for suspended training products like ab straps and rings or use with resistance bands.

The Warrior Deluxe 1.0 Squat Rack is a heavy-duty commercial weight rack - it includes 4 weight holders, 2 bar holders, 1 pair of J-Hooks, and 1 pull-up bar.


  • Optional attachments are interchangeable with the 3" X 3" pull up rig.
  • Heavy-duty safety bars adjust to any height to accommodate the user’s height or lift being performed and are a must in case of a missed rep.
  • Integrated multi-grip pull-up handles and step-ups make performing pull-ups and body weight exercises user friendly for any size trainee.

The Warrior 1.0 Squat Rack is the perfect resistance training tool for those that don’t have the room for a full size power rack.

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