Warrior 5" Foam Core Weightlifting Belt

Contoured to fit your waist, the ultra-light shaped flexible 5" foam core moves around hips and ribcage, while the full-width support strap stabilizes the lower back and engages your abs. Breathable plush tricot lining keeps core comfortable.

For closure, Warrior's uber strong buckle combines with hook and loop to stick through the heaviest lifts, offering single-hand tensioning before/after lifting....and quick release when you want it off!

What is revolutionary? The Warrior 5" Foam Core Weightlifting Belt's exclusive core stabilization system, featuring built-in back and front support panels. This core system supports your lower back and enhances abdominal engagement while lifting.... raising YOU (and our Warrior Foam Core Weightlifting Belts) above the competition.... we didn't make just a cool-looking belt, we upped the ante in weightlifting belt technology!

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