Warrior 701 All-in-One Power Rack Functional Trainer Cable Crossover Home Gym w/ Smith Cage

For the serious lifter and fitness enthusiast, the Warrior 701 Power Rack Functional Trainer Cable Crossover Cage Home Gym w/ Smith Cage is the ultimate dream machine. Elevate your home workouts and achieve your fitness goals with this versatile and sturdy power rack system.

With nearly all the capabilities of a full-blown gym, the all-in-one system can transform a garage gym into a workout center fit for a team of friends. Complete with power rack, Smith Machine, cable pulley system, and a veritable arsenal of accessories, the functional exercise repertoire is nearly limitless

The Warrior 701 Power Rack All-In-One Home Gym w/ Smith Machine is clearly designed to address the needs of lifters who want to lift big and lift heavy.   The 701 frame is constructed with heavy duty steel uprights that ensure exceptional durability and stability, providing you with a safe and reliable workout environment.

The Warrior 701 Power Rack Home Gym Smith comes with more than eight different baseline functions and attachments, and several upgrade options.

Unleash your inner warrior with the Warrior 701 Power Rack Functional Trainer Cable Crossover Cage Home Gym w/ Smith Cage - our all-in-one fitness solution has got you covered.


The Warrior Power Rack All-In-One Functional Trainer Cable Crossover Cage Home Gym w/ Smith Machine is a complete full body training system that combines arm and leg stations for comprehensive workouts all within one workout platform.  The Warrior 701 is made with a heavy-duty steel frame reinforced with a durable powder coated finish.

All-In-One Machine: With the Warrior 701, you won't need multiple pieces of equipment cluttering your workout space. It seamlessly integrates a power rack system, Smith machine and dual cable crossover, offering you a wide variety of exercise options in one compact design.

Interchangeable Cable Pulley Ratio: Enjoy the flexibility of choosing between two cable pulley ratios (2:1 and 1:1). This feature allows you to double the weight stack to customize your workout and target different muscle groups effectively.

Heavy Duty Steel Uprights: The Warrior 701 is built to last - its robust steel uprights provide unparalleled support and durability, ensuring you can work out with confidence and peace of mind.


Smith Deep Squat, Smith Dead Lift, Free Weight Exercise, Incline Chest Press, Flat Chest Press, Weight incline, Press Squat, Morning Exercise, Triceps Extension, Arm Curl, squat with cable, Wood Chopper, Hip Abduction, Pulley Triceps Extension, Seated Row, alternating Chest Press, Chest Fly and many more!

The Ultimate ALL-IN-ONE Machine:

  • Smith Machine
  • Squat Rack
  • Functional Trainer
  • Landmine Dip Bars
  • Seated Row Foot Rest
  • Pull Up Bar
  • Lat Pulldown
  • More!


  • Lat Bar: Target your back and lats with precision using the included Lat Bar attachment.
  • Curl Bar: Isolate and sculpt your biceps with the Curl Bar, perfect for focused arm workouts.
  • Tricep Rope: Strengthen and tone your triceps using the Tricep Rope attachment.
  • T-Bar Row Handle: Develop a strong and powerful back with the T-Bar Row Handle.
  • Seated Row Bar: Engage your upper back and shoulders with the Seated Row Bar.
  • Low Row Bar: Build a strong and defined back using the Low Row Bar attachment.
  • Ankle Strap: Attach the Ankle Strap for a wide range of lower body exercises, including glute kickbacks and leg curls.
  • Safety Spotters: Stay safe during heavy lifts with the Safety Spotters, providing added protection and peace of mind.
  • 6-Plate Weight Plate Storage: Keep your workout area organized and clutter-free with the convenient Weight Plate Storage.


  • Jammer Arms (Optional): Take your strength training to new heights with the Jammer Arms attachment, ideal for explosive pressing and pulling movements.
  • Leg Press Plate (Optional): Maximize your lower body strength with the Leg Press Plate, turning your Power Rack into a comprehensive leg press machine.
  • Landmine Attachment (Optional): Enhance your training versatility with the Landmine Attachment, enabling dynamic rotational exercises and total-body functional movements for a truly transformative fitness experience.


  • Pulley Cables Weight Rating: 770 lbs (350 KG)
  • Smith Bearing Type: Ball Bearings
  • Smith Bar Weight: 33 lbs (15 KG)
  • Smith Bar Weight Capacity: 550 lbs (250 KG)
  • J Hooks (Max Load): 440 lbs (200 KG)
  • Bar Catches (Max Load): 440 lbs (200 KG)
  • Weight Horns (Max Load): 135 lbs ea (60 KG ea)
  • Number of Weight Horns for Weight Storage: 4
  • Dip Bars (Max Load): 440 lbs (200 KG)
  • Chin / Pull Up Bar (Max Load): 550 lbs (250 KG)
  • Weight Rating: 706 lb (320 kg)
  • Cable Rating: 882 lb (400 kg)
  • Smith Rating: 794 lb (360 kg)
  • Chin Up Rating: 463 lb (210 kg)
  • Cable Length: 9200 m x 2
  • Type of steel tubing : ASTM A36 Steel 1.6x3.2 in / 1.9x1.9 in (40x80 mm / 50x50 mm)
  • Cable Ratio: 2:1
  • Weight Stack: 150 lb x 2 Standard (Feels like 110 lbs per side due to 2:1 ratio)
  • Weight: 935 lb (424 kg)
  • Cable Reach: 76.5"
  • Inner Cage Width: 48.7"
  • Outer Cage Width: 52.7"
  • Dimensions: 83.75"W x 70.25"D x 90.2"H
  • Olympic Bar Width: 85.6"


WARRANTY: 10 Years Parts, 1 Year Labor (Light Commercial)

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