Warrior Elite 3.0 Power Rack

The big brother to the Warrior Elite 2.0 Power Rack, the 3.0 Power Rack doesn’t cut back on anything but floor space. The Warrior Elite 3.0 Half Cage Power rack is big on versatility - it has dozens of features and accessories.

Monster Hooks with advanced polymer contact surfaces, 7-gauge chrome racking, and professional quality is standard with every cage, as well as a multi-grip chin up bar, resistance band pegs, Olympic bar storage, and 3″ x 3″ adjustable bar catches.

*Weights, bar, bench and platform sold separately. 

Shown with Land Mine Attachment, Swivel Grips and Dip Handles

  • Open design that offers a reduced footprint and cost vs. full cage models.
  • Stainless Steel Plated, offset, 7-gauge racking with laser cut numbering.
  • Upright storage for 2 Olympic bars (can also hold independent dip attachments).
  • Stainless Steel Plated, fully welded plate storage.
  • Independent Dip Attachments
  • Landmine Attachment
  • Resistance Band Pegs
  • Sturdy Swivel Grip Pull Up Handles
  • Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar
  • Weight: 829lbs.
  • Measurements: (LxWxH): 60" X 75" X 91"


Overbuilt for Strength - 11-gauge 3×3-inch tubing and 7-gauge, stainless steel-plated racking with laser-cut numbering.

The Ultimate in Rigidity - Like most Warrior Strength racks, the Elite 3.0 has been developed with three-dimensional CAD software to use as few fasteners as possible. This entire rack only has 20 bolts across its joints, reducing the possible points of weakness and maintenance.

Safety when Needed - The safety arms were overbuilt for when something slips, featuring not only a 3×3-inch cross section and ABS wear guards, but a solid internal 1-inch racking rod.

Monster Hooks

  • Oversized, dual peg, fully welded bar catches with carry handle, number window and extremely durable yet replaceable polymer contact surfaces.
  • Extended reach profile of hook increases safety without getting in the way.
  • No metal-to-metal contact with the bar protects the knurling and means no rust, no paint chips and more energy absorption -  the part of the cage you interact with most is superbly made.

Plenty of Storage

  • 12 stainless steel-plated, frame-welded, numbered, Olympic-size plate storage pegs that are slightly angled for safety.
  • 2 angled storage pegs for resistance bands/chains.
  • Upright bar storage for up to 2 Olympic bars (can also hold the optional dip attachments).
  • Kettlebell/Dumbbell storage shelf - Optional
  • Medicine/Wall Ball storage shelf - Optional

Extra Versatility

  • Lower band pegs for band resistance exercises
  • Multiple Plate Storage Pegs
  • Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar
  • Independent Dip Attachments
  • Landmine Attachment


Available options include:

  • Kettlebell/Dumbbell storage shelf
  • Medicine/Wall Ball storage shelf
  • Sale
  • $2,499.00
  • Regular price $3,999.00