Warrior Fleck Easy-Grip Rubber Bumper Plates

The Warrior Fleck Easy-Grip Rubber Bumper Plates are constructed of 100% solid rubber with a stainless steel inset to withstand major punishment during any strength training or fitness workout  - from deadlift to max rep lifts.  Ridged grip holds have been precision-machined right into the plate, allowing for an incredibly solid and sturdy bumper plate that is easy to handle.

The steel bushing collar on our Warrior Fleck Bumper is inset from the plane of the plate, allowing for better protection when multiple plates are on the bar, and reducing the risk of inserts getting impacted or popping out.

Warrior Fleck Bumpers are color-coded for easy weight selection - and they look fantastic in your gym or home workout room!

Warrior Fleck Bumper Plates are available in 10, 25, 35, & 45lb plates.  The Fleck Bumper Plates are also sold in 230lb sets.

Warrior Fleck Bumper Weights (In-Store Prices)

  • 10lb Plate  (Grey)       $29.95
  • 25lb Plate  (Green)     $49.95
  • 35lb Plate  (Yellow)    $69.95
  • 45lb Plate  (Blue)       $89.95
  • 230lb Set (2x10lb / 2x25lb / 2x35lb / 2x45lb)

*10lb plates may be priced differently due to special machining required.

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