Warrior Fractional Weight Plates

Our Kilo urethane fractional plates are ideal for incremental training, and color-coded for easy identification. These plates are made from premium grade German urethane to provide the most durable, resilient, and functional finish possible.

Urethane is scratch-resistant, odor-free, and easy to handle. It will not damage your bar in any way. The inner hub of these plates features a thinner coat of urethane and is known to wear over time with use.  This will not affect performance.

    Training with fractional plates allows you to make gains in strength and muscle progressively. Progressive resistance is the key to growth, but without fractional plates, it is impossible to be continually adding weight to the bar.

    Our range of fractional plates allows you to incrementally increase the weight that you are lifting on a weekly basis to create the progressively increasing overload that you need to put enough demand on your muscles to induce a growth response.

    • Premium grade German urethane coating
    • Odor-free
    • Scratch-resistant
    • .5 – 5 kg
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