Warrior Adjustable Speed Hurdles

The Warrior Adjustable Speed Hurdles are an effective speed and core training tool for athletes of all ages and disciplines.  Stable and lightweight, the Warrior Adjustable Speed Hurdle is ultra-durable - made from heavy-duty PVC tubing, it is rugged and provides  enough resilience to withstand the beating speed hurdles often take.   The Warrior Adjustable Speed Hurdles come in a set of 5 adjustable speed hurdles. Challenge yourself with a variety of drills and improve leg drive and agility as a result. Each set comes with a pack of 5 with two height adjustments (8" and 12") to vary your workout and improve your foot skills. When it's time to clean up, the hurdles can be easily folded for quick, convenient storage. 

The Warrior Adjustable Speed Hurdles perfect for challenging speed training, and come packaged in a handy nylon carrying bag for convenient transport.    Use the 8" setting for speed work and lateral movement drills, and the 12" settings for getting your knees up and for explosive jump training.

Leap over the competition when you train with our Warrior Adjustable Speed Hurdle! 


  • Easily adjusts from 8" to 12"
  • 18" wide bases, pull apart for easy storage
  • Lightweight and portable, yet ultra durable
  • Great for teaching hops, jumps, and bounds
  • Use to improve speed, strength, power and agility
  • Use 8" height for speed work and lateral movement drills
  • Use 12" height for jump training
  • Pack of 5 speed hurdles that fold for easy storage
  • Improve foot-speed and tone leg muscles
  • Easily adjust to vary your workout and improve your foot skills
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