Warrior Hi-Temp Bumper Plate Sets

The construction of the Warrior Hi-Temp Bumper Plates ensures they will maintain maximum performance in intense conditions with repeated use over time. These durable plates are great for training in which a high number of repetitions will be cycled rapidly.

Add durable weights to your home gym that are also good for the environment with Warrior Hi-Temp Bumper Plates. These plates are made from recycled, vulcanized rubber, making them environmentally friendly. Plus, vulcanized rubber is stronger than traditional rubber and can handle more stress and pressure.

Add to that a 2” stainless-steel insert, and you’ve got some incredibly tough plates. Because these are made from recycled rubber, they are much quieter than iron plates and safer for your floors. They have a 17.5” diameter, except the 5lb plates, which are 14.25”. Width varies by size.   

As another key design component, the steel bushing collar on the Warrior Hi-Temp Bumper Plates is inset from the plane of the plate, allowing for better protection when multiple plates are on the bar, and reducing the risk of inserts getting impacted or popping out.

Warrior Hi-Temp Bumpers are color-coded as well for easy on-the-spot identification.


  • Made of recycled vulcanized rubber, so not only are they environmentally friendly, they're designed to be safer and more durable than traditional steel plates
  • 2” Stainless steel center bushing protects the rubber materialand adds to overall durablitiy
  • 17.5" Diameter for each plate, no matter what the weight.
  • Color-coded for easy identification

Warrior Hi-Temp Bumpers are available in 10*, 25, 35, & 45lb plates.   Available individually, in pairs and in sets.

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