Warrior Lite Aluminum Training Barbell (15lb - Red)

Introducing the Warrior Lite 15lb Aluminum Olympic Barbell...now available in a gorgeous red!  Start your weightlifting journey with our top-of-the-line Warrior 15lb Aluminum Training Barbell, now available in an eye-catchingly beautiful red.

Designed for smaller barbell users and beginning weightlifters, our Warrior Aluminum Training barbell is built to withstand the toughest training sessions and deliver unmatched performance while not adding extra weight.    Our all-aluminum Warrior Training Bar is light and easy to handle at just 6ft and 15lb.

Take your lifting to new heights with the Warrior Aluminum Training Bar...whether you're just beginning your weightlifting journey or ready to take it to the next level, this Warrior barbell is designed to support your goals and stand the test of endurance.

Embrace the power of the Warrior Lite Aluminum Training Barbell and train using the barbell with extreme confidence!


Ideal for Working on Technique and Form:

Whether you're a seasoned lifter looking to refine your movements or a beginner aiming to master the basics, the Warrior Aluminum Training Barbell is the perfect tool for practicing and perfecting your technique. Its balanced design and comfortable grip allow you to focus solely on your form, ensuring maximum gains and reduced risk of injury.

High-Quality Aluminum Construction:

Built with premium-grade aluminum, the Warrior Lite Aluminum barbell guarantees durability and reliability for countless training sessions. The lightweight yet robust nature of aluminum makes it an excellent choice for targeted exercises without compromise.

Perfect for Beginners:

Whether you're perfecting your clean and jerk technique or just starting your weightlifting journey, the Warrior Lite Red Aluminum Training Barbell is the perfect companion for women and beginning weightlifters. Its stiff whip strikes the right balance between rigidity and flexibility, allowing you to execute lifts with precision and power.


  • Weight: 7.5kg/15lbs
  • Diameter: 28mm
  • Length: 72”/6ft
  • Knurling: Light
  • Material: Red Aluminum
  • Whip: Stiff
  • Bushing/Bearing: Brass Bushings
  • Sale
  • $189.95
  • Regular price $279.95