Warrior Magnetic Hex Add-on Plate (PlateMate Add-On Fractional Weight Plates)

The Magnetic Hex attaches to weights securely with three super strong magnets. Versatile design fits solid-poured dumbbells, Olympic bars, power blocks, and stack weight machines.

A Pair of Magnetics is for ONE Dumbbell only....Be sure to order Two Pairs of Magnetics for TWO Dumbbells (2 pair).

Magnetic Add-Ons - Discover what the experts have known for a long time. Microloading - strength training with smaller incremental increases - is the smarter, better, and safer way to success.

Magnetic Add-Ons make microloading easy at any professional or home gym with their revolutionary, patented super strong magnetic design, three versatile styles - hex, ring, and brick - and micro increments from 5/8 lbs to 5 lbs.

Microloading with Magnetic Add-Ons is essential at all levels. Beginners are apt to do exercises properly and avoid injury. Intermediates stay motivated because they experience steady progress. Advanced lifters benefit because microloading helps them break through "the plateau" to achieve success at the highest level of weight training.

Magnetic Add-Ons are ideal for physical therapy where small increases help patients regain strength without overburdening injured muscles and tendons.

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