Warrior Olympic Color Bumper Plate Set (230lbs)

The Warrior Color Bumper Plates are ideal for deadlifts, squats, bench presses and more. The highly durable pulverized rubber construction of the Warrior Color Bumper plate not only makes this plate extremely durable but also helps protect flooring.

The Warrior Bumper's premium rubber is combined with a polymer adhesive that is molded using a high intensity heat compression technique.

The durable chrome-plated steel core disc fortifies the structural integrity of the plate, and each plate is color-coded by its weight for easy weight selection.

Warrior Olympic Color Bumpers have been manufactured to be as close as possible to the IWF standard of Eleiko at a fraction of the price. Warrior's Olympic color bumpers are absolutely the best value while fulfilling the highest standard of bumper plates!

    Warrior Olympic Color Bumper Plates are available singly, by the pair of in sets:


    • 10lb - $19.80*
    • 15lb - $22.20
    • 25lb - $37.00
    • 35lb - $51.80
    • 45lb - $66.60

    *10lb plates may be priced differently due to special machining required.

    Available Sets (Customizable)

    • 230lb Set (2x10lb / 2x25lb / 2x35lb / 2x45lb)
    • 260lb Set (2x10lb / 2x15lb / 2x25lb / 2x35lb / 2x45lb)
    • 350lb Set (2x10lb / 2x25lb / 2x25lb / 2x35lb / 4x45lb)
    • 500lb Set (2x10lb / 4x15lb / 4x25lb / 4x35lb / 4x45lb)


    • Sold singly, by the pair or in sets
    • Heavy-duty solid rubber construction
    • Helps protect flooring and reduces noise
    • Solid steel inserts for more endurance
    • Raised lettering for clear weight reference
    • Color-coded for fast and easy weight selection
    • Diameter (all sizes): 17.5"
    • Commercial grade

    Ideal for:

    • Home Gyms
    • Weightlifting Clubs
    • Personal Training Studios
    • High Performance Training Venues
    • All weightlifters who demand premium quality at a great price.
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    • $415.95
    • Regular price $579.95