Warrior Olympic Color Bumper Plates - 230lb Set - SALE

The Warrior Color Bumper Plates are ideal for Deadlifts, Squats, Bench press etc. The highly durable pulverised rubber construction not only makes this plate hard wearing but also helps protect flooring, the rubber is combined with a polymer adhesive that is molded using a high intensity heat compression technique.

The durable chrome plated steel core disc fortifies the structural integrity of the plate. Each plate is colour coded to its weight allowing easier selection

Our plates have been manufactured to be as close as possible to the IWF standard of Eleiko, Uesaka, Werksan, DHS and Zhang Kong at a fraction of the price.

Our Bumper Plates are, short of IWF standard, the best bumper plates you can have gracing your gym.

    Please note - Rubber encased weight plates are designed to offer some protection to floors if dropped. They are not warrantied against breakage if dropped.

    Set includes a pair each of 10 lb, 25 lb, 35 lb and 45 lb color bumper plates - 4 pair total.

    Accordingly, they satisfy all IWF specifications:

    • 450mm plate diameter
    • A collar opening of 50.40mm (IWF standard) so they’ll fit all regular Olympic weightlifting bars with the tightest tolerance possible to reduce movement and damage.
    • Traditional IWF colours for immediate identification of weights.
    • Strict weight tolerances (0.5%)

    Ideal for:

    • Home Gyms
    • Sporting clubs
    • Personal training studios
    • High performance training centres
    • Private users who demand premium quality
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    • $599.95
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