Warrior Olympic Fat Bar

The Warrior Olympic Fat Bar bar is comes in bright zinc coating with revolving collars. The Shaft is 2" diameter and has the perfect amount of knurling.

Thick bars develop muscle and strength that cannot be duplicated with standard equipment. They stimulate far more muscle activation. Thick bars force you to grip the bar hard. It's hard to hold on to, forcing grip development. Used for pressing movements, fat bars allow for a better squeeze, meaning more tension onto the bar.

Thick bars make your hands, fingers, and forearms so much stronger, your body will stop holding back elsewhere. Because you're developing muscle across all angles, unlike with a gripper.

The fat bar replicates the natural function of the human hand lifting heavy, awkward objects, evolved from climbing trees, or carrying logs or animals. It's a throwback to the Strongman days of old you will feel with every rep.

The grip on this bar is almost 60% thicker than a regular Olympic WOD Bar (48.4mm vs. 28mm). It's more difficult to control. People say it feels like working with a truck axle or telephone pole!

You cannot rely on form, training, or technique, alone to complete your lift — you have to do it with sheer strength.


  • length: 7ft
  • grip: 48.8mm (1.92in) diameter
  • weight: 36.5lbs (16.6kg) with collars
  • capacity: 600lb (272kg)
  • compatible with standard plates & collars
  • collars not included!
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