Warrior Powder-Coated Kettlebells ($1.79/lb)

Looking to up the intensity of your workouts or target a new muscle group? Look no further. Swing, push, pull, or carry our Warrior Powder-Coated Kettlebells with you to the next level. The kettlebell is one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment, and these are no exception.   Some shipping restrictions apply*.

Why choose a higher quality kettlebell?  Our matte powder-coating provides an extra wide superior grip compared to glossy enamel and resists enamel chipping which can cut into your hands. 

The Warrior Powder-Coated Kettlebells are single-cast for maximum durability,  No welded-on handles here - and machined-flat bottoms as well.  Many cheaper kettlebells will not have flat bottoms, making kettlebell pushups, L-sits, and renegade rows nearly impossible.

Warrior Powder-Coated Kettlebells are labeled in both pounds and kilograms, as well as color coded ensures ease of selection for any workout.

With a unique bell shape and thick extra-wide handle, our Warrior Powder-Coated Kettlebells will bring a new challenge to your training routine. 

Order a Warrior Powder-Coated Kettlebell at an amazing $1.79/lb today and experience the difference for yourself!  Shipping requires a minimum order*.

*Free store pick-up for any size order purchased online. Shipping not available for online orders under $400.

Key Features:

  • No Welds. Made from a single piece of cast iron.
  • One-piece design for strength
  • Single piece casting made from solid iron for extreme durability
  • Color-coded by weight for ease of selection
  • Engraved with weight sizes - will never wear off or fade
  • Powder coating to create a secure grip.
  • Flat base for easy storage, floor protection and exercises such as handstands
  • Smooth, but grippy handle for a solid feel, with or without chalk
  • Extra-wide handle for easy grip
  • Perform swings, presses, squats, snatches, and more
  • Labeled in pounds or kilograms
  • Sold individually or as sets

Powder Coated Kettlebells


Our Powder Coat kettlebells are all made from a single piece of cast iron. Most kettlebells have the handles welded on which makes them break more easily. Casting from a single piece of metal creates more durable kettlebells.


Exact weight is stamped on kettlebells in kilograms and pounds for easy identification.


Kettlebells are color-coordinated by weight, making them easy to identify without picking them up or rolling them over.


Powder coating creates a secure gripping surface even for sweaty hands. This surface also holds chalk better than all other kettlebell paint options such as matte or e-coat.

Weight Options (Color Coded by Size):

  • 4kg/9lb   - White $16.11
  • 6kg/13lb  - Light Blue $23.27
  • 8kg/18lb  - Pink $32.22
  • 10kg/22lb - Orange $39.38
  • 12kg/26lb - Blue $46.54
  • 14kg/31lb - Red $55.49
  • 16kg/35lb - Yellow $62.65
  • 18kg/40lb - Brown $71.60
  • 20kg/44lb - Purple $78.76
  • 24kg/53lb - Green $94.87
  • 28kg/62lb - Orange $110.98
  • 32kg/70lb - Red $125.30
  • 36kg/80lb - Grey $143.20
  • 40kg/88lb - White $157.52


  • Marked in both pounds and kilograms, so no need to convert!
  • Conforms to strength prescribed workouts, and professional standards of weights.
  • Color-coded rings at the base of the handles make it easy to spot the weight of the kettlebell, and
  • Our coding conforms to international standards.
  • A smooth high quality slightly textured handle that makes chalk unnecessary for most people.
  • Texture also adds grip so it doesn’t fly out of your hands, yet remains comfortable enough for high reps.
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  • $16.11
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