Warrior Pro Competition Kettlebell w/ Knurled Steel Handle

The Warrior Pro Competition Kettlebell w/ Knurled Steel Handle is the absolute elite among kettlebells. Warrior’s Pro Competition Kettlebell is cast entirely from solid steel, making it the most durable and solid kettlebell of its kind, and then coated with premium rubber to protect your floors and furniture.  Some shipping restrictions apply*.

The Warrior Pro Competition Kettlebell features the same dimensions for every kettlebell from 15lb to 50lb, allowing the use same lifting technique for each weight level. The biggest advantage of this is that the kettlebell is easy to handle uniformly regardless of the weight of the kettlebell.  

Comfort and Optimal Use - The shape, the diameter and the handle’s smooth finish ensure both a secure grasp and total comfort during swings. The textured rubber coating makes it easy to keep your grip on the bell.

Tough and safe - Warrior’s Pro Competition Kettlebells are designed to last over time. The polished stainless-steel handle is resistant to rust and corrosion, while the ultra-strong premium rubber is shock-absorbent and protects floors.

Ergonomic design and high-quality materials are what distinguish Warrior’s Steel-Handled Pro Competition Kettlebells. Perfect for building your body’s strength and explosiveness.

Warrior Pro Competition Kettlebells come in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 & 50lbs. Shipping requires a minimum order*.


  • 15lb  $59.95   ($89.95)
  • 20lb -   $79.95  ($109.95)
  • 25lb -   $99.95  ($129.95)
  • 30lb - $119.95  ($149.95)
  • 35lb - $139.95  ($169.95)
  • 40lb - $159.95  ($189.95)
  • 45lb - $179.95  ($209.95)
  • 50lb - $199.95  ($229.95)


*Free store pick-up for any size order purchased online. Shipping not available for online orders under $400.


  • Precision Machined Workmanship & Weight
  • Steel kettlebells have the highest density and are therefore the most compact and manageable.
  • The weight of the kettlebell is listed on top for ease of use.
  • The professional and aesthetic steel handle provides the perfect grip - comfortable too.
  • The same dimensions for every kettlebell from 15lb to 50lb allows for use of the same lifting technique, no matter what the weight of the kettlebell


  • Core: Steel 
  • Color: Black with Steel Handle 
  • Material: Steel Core; Premium Rubber Coat; Steel Handle 
  • Weights Available: 15lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb, 35lb, 40lb, 45lb, 50lb 
  • Handle Diameter: 33mm 
  • Product size: 21cm in diameter, 30cm in height
  • Sale
  • $59.95
  • Regular price $84.95