Warrior Pro Style/Fixed Dumbbell Handle - Contour Grip

Warrior Pro-Style Dumbbell Handles - Thinking of building your own "DIY" dumbbells for your garage gym, fitness studio or CrossFit box? Our selection of Pro-Style handles includes sizes 1-10 allowing you to build fixed weight dumbbells starting as light as 5 lbs. all the way up to an extremely heavy 200 lbs - per dumbbell!

Pro-Style fixed dumbbells can be found in commercial weight rooms all over the country. They are regarded as an extremely strong dumbbell design with a comfortable handle for light or heavy lifting.

Compared to other dumbbell choices, they are also one of the most affordable and are often ideal for any facility needing to stretch their equipment budget. Don't forget to check out our optional black or chrome steel end caps.

They take the place of the chrome washer that arrives with your handles and gives your dumbbells a professional look and makes them more user friendly, especially when setting them on your thighs before a set of presses or tricep extensions.

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