Warrior Pro-Style Urethane Dumbbell Set (5-50lb)

Warrior Pro-Style Urethane Dumbbells offer a high quality, protective urethane coating and a robust 34 mm straight chrome steel handles.  Urethane is a more robust, higher quality coating than rubber, all without the rubber smell associated with rubber coatings. These dumbbell weights also offer a white lettering with a weight indicator for easy dumbbell selection.

Instead of a cast-iron head under the urethane coating, the heads of the urethane dumbbells are machined from stainless steel.  Precision-machined, robust 34 mm straight chrome steel handles and high-grade steel heads, protected by the industry’s best materials for nearly indestructible quality and functionality.

Whether you own a commercial facility, train clients in your fitness studio, or you’re the only lifter in your home gym, a full set of urethane dumbbells will look absolutely captivating.

Perfectly Knurled

Knurling is a fickle thing. Too light or too aggressive is unappealing, but the medium knurling on the urethane dumbbells is dialed down to a science. Its coarseness is the perfect middle ground between the passive knurl on our Utility Barbell and the aggressive knurl on our Powerlifting Bar.

Low Maintenance Urethane

Touted as the king of dumbbell material, urethane stands above rubber in almost every aspect. But make no mistake, his royal highness doesn’t need pampering. Unlike rubber, the sleek black urethane coating shrugs off chalk, sweat, and grime — requiring less cleaning while looking pristine even after years of use.

Professional Aesthetic

Whether you own a commercial facility, train clients in your fitness studio, or you’re the only lifter in your home gym, a full set of urethane dumbbells will look absolutely captivating.


  • Urethane Coated Dumbbell Heads
  • 34 mm Chrome Steel Handles
  • White Number Weight Indicator
  • Handle Material - Heat-Treated Steel
  • Handle Coating - Hardened Chrome
  • Knurling - Medium
  • Outer Head Material - Urethane
  • Inner Head Material - Stainless Steel
  • Head Assembly - Welded
  • Tensile Strength - 220,000 PSI
  • Increments - 5lbs
  • Commercial Grade

    Dumbbell Features:

    Warrior's elegant pro-style solid steel urethane-encased dumbbells represent the best in class, commercial grade product of its kind being manufactured today. These urethane dumbbells are the highest quality stainless steel dumbbells available. With a sleeve design that extends through the head of the dumbbell and is permanently welded, the structural integrity is unsurpassed.

    The uniform 34mm Solid Steel hard-chrome handle with its precision machined, medium knurl makes each size dumbbell from the smallest to largest, as durable as it is comfortable to use.

    The heads are welded to a 6” hardened solid steel knurled handle with chrome plating for improved grip, comfort and durability to create a solid, single piece dumbbell that moves fluidly and compactly – and it won’t damage your floor if dropped,

    Large easy to read numbers on each end of the dumbbells allow for easy weight selection.

    Our Urethane Dumbbells have non-corrosive antibacterial properties making them perfect for commercial gyms, yoga studios, office gyms, hotel gyms and home gyms.

    These elegant dumbbells are ideal for targeting specific muscle groups or full body resistance training, functional and HIIT workouts - they're great for fitness classes or home workout routines.  Perfect for any workout setting - from the best health club to the home.

    Warrior Pro-Style Urethane Dumbbells deliver comfort, function and durability - the foundation of what club owners and gym members have come to expect.

    Sets or Individually - Set includes a pair each of 5-50lb dumbbells in 5 lb increments.


    • Colors Available: Black
    • Sizes available (lbs):  5 lb-100 lb in 5lb increments.
    • Sets Available: 10-pair set, 5-50lbs; 10- pair set, 55-100lbs
    • Handle Grip Size: 34 mm
    • Handle length: 6"
    • Warranty: 2 years against breakage; 1 year manufacturer defects
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