Warrior Rubber Kettlebells w/ Rubber Handle

Change up your routine with Warrior Rubber-Coated Kettlebells with Rubber Handles. Use our Warrior Rubber-Coated Kettlebells to exercise all major muscle groups, including arms, chest, back, abs, and legs. 

The benefits of kettlebell exercises range from building muscles, enhancing core strength, and improving balance to promoting better bone health, burning calories, boosting energy levels, enhancing mood, and more. 

Warrior kettlebells are marked in both pounds and kilograms, so no need to convert! 

Why choose a higher quality kettlebell?  Our rubber-coated competition kettlebell provides a superior grip compared to glossy enamel and resists enamel chipping, which can cut into your hands. 

These Warrior rubber-coated Kettlebells are single-cast iron for maximum durability,  No welded-on handles here! Machined flat bottoms!  Many cheaper kettlebells will not have flat bottoms, making kettlebell pushups, L-sits, and renegade rows nearly impossible.

Warrior Rubber-Coated Kettlebells come in 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25lbs.  


  •   5lb$19.95   ($39.95)
  • 10lb$39.95   ($59.95)
  • 15lb$59.95   ($79.95)
  • 20lb$79.95   ($99.95)
  • 25lb$99.95  ($119.95)
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  • $19.95
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