Warrior Wall Balls

The Warrior Wall Ball is a High Intensity Training Tool challenges every movement in order to maximize the body's fat burn and metabolic potential while strengthening core and lower back muscles. Whatever type of workout you do with the Warrior Wall Ball, you'll gain strength, endurance and conditioning for all-rounded training experience. 

Our Warrior Wall Ball is made with heavy-duty 18oz CPSIA-compliant vinyl and is double-stitched for superior strength and durability. The recycled rubber and fiber core that gives it a firm, high quality feel that is environmentally friendly and is perfect in retaining even weight distribution.

Handcrafted with 93% recycled materials, the Warrior Wall Ball is the highest quality medicine ball available on the market and built to last.


  • Made with heavy-duty 18 oz. CPSIA-compliant vinyl and double-stitched for superior strength
  • Recycled rubber and fiber core that gives it a firm, high quality feel that is environmentally friendly and perfectly maintains even weight distribution
  • Use for pull overs, wall balls, push-ups, partner throws, weighted squats and medicine ball runs
  • Builds dynamic strength, endurance and conditioning
  • Ideal for rotational movements and core exercises, balance resistance and rehabilitation
  • Impact-absorbing design and professional double-stitched construction

Warrior Dual Grip Medicine Balls with Handles come in 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 25 & 30lbs. 

Product Features:

Durable, sand-filled, no bounce balls ideal for tossing and slamming activities. Perfect for total body exercise, core strength, and explosive power movements. Heavy-duty rubber shell for maximum durability


  • Weights: 10lb - 15lb (5lb increments)
  • Colors: All Black
  • Warranty: 6-Months with normal wear and tear
  • Material: Durable Yet Flexible - Double-Stitch - Water-Resistant

Durability & Warranty - All Wall Balls have a 6 month warranty under normal wear and use.

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