Warrior Premium Bumper Plate Set (260lbs)

Warrior's Premium Bumper Plates are constructed of 100% solid heavy-duty premium rubber to withstand punishment during any strength training or fitness workout - from deadlift to max rep lifts.  The high quality commercial grade recycled rubber makes for a bumper plate that is extremely durable and long-lasting...it is also has very little off-gas, making almost odorless.

The stainless steel bushing collar on our Warrior Premium Bumper Plate is inset from the plane of the plate, allowing for better protection when multiple plates are on the bar, and reducing the risk of inserts getting impacted or popping out.

These Warrior Premium Bumpers are commercial-grade and quality - a superior bumper plate  at a budget price!

Warrior Premium Bumpers are available in 10*, 15, 25, 35, 45, & 55lb plates.  Available individually or in sets.   

Available Sets (Customizable):

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