Warrior Rubber Grip Bumper Plate Set (230lbs)

Warrior's Rubber Grip Bumper Plates offer a deceptively sophisticated design in a simple format that is flawless to use.   Offering the highest possible quality, accuracy and reliability at a reasonable price, the Warrior Rubber Grip Plates have a ergonomic quad-grip design encased in durable, heavy-duty premium rubber that can take a lot of impact and use and won't scuff or nick floors and walls.

The Warrior Grip Olympic weight plate is made of recycled crumb rubber that is heated to a high temperature and vulcanized to produce an extremely durable bumper plate that demonstrates a high tensile strength and tear resistance. Because of the heavy-duty rubber coating, the plates are impact-resistant and won't split, crack, peel, rust, chip, flake or fade.  

The Warrior Rubber Grip Bumper Plate has a unique grip design that makes it easy to handle and carry, even with sweaty hands. The four grip holes make it simple and fast to load and unload the weight plate from the barbell. Warrior's grip weight plates are perfect for deadlifts, squats, bench presses, and other exercises that train strength, cardio, or tone body muscles.

The solid steel core has an industrial hard chromed center ensures that the plate is sturdy and long-lasting.   The Warrior Grip Bumper is Olympic-sized with a  2" Olympic hole.  The integrated steel metal sleeve offers a smooth and secure fit onto any standard Olympic bar.

Our Warrior Rubber Grip Bumper Plates are quality commercial grade weight plates that are an amazing addition to your home gym.

Warrior Rubber Grip Bumper Plates are available in 5, 10, 15, 25, 35, & 45lbs.

Available individually or in sets of 230lb & 260lbs.   For other weight sets call the store.

Available Sets (Customizable)


  • 5lb - $12.45
  • 10lb - $24.90
  • 15lb - $29.85
  • 20lb - $39.80
  • 25lb - $49.76
  • 35lb - $69.65
  • 45lb - $89.55
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  • $449.95
  • Regular price $899.95